Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown is a timeless classic in children’s literature that has been beloved by generations of children and parents since its publication in 1947. The book follows the bedtime routine of a young rabbit, who says goodnight to various objects and characters in his room.

One of the key strengths of “Goodnight Moon” is its simplicity. The story is easy to follow and understand, making it an ideal book for young children who are just learning to read. The repetition of the words “goodnight” creates a sense of calm and routine that can be comforting for children at bedtime. This focus on ritual and routine can help children feel secure and grounded as they prepare for sleep.

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The illustrations in the book are also simple yet engaging, with bold shapes and bright colors that capture the attention of young readers. The use of light and shadow in the illustrations creates a sense of warmth and intimacy, helping to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Another strength of “Goodnight Moon” is its ability to soothe and calm children before bed. The soft tone and gentle pacing of the story are designed to create a peaceful atmosphere that can help children relax and prepare for sleep. The focus on the familiar objects in the room, such as the moon and the stars, can also help to create a sense of safety and security.

The book’s popularity and enduring appeal can be attributed in part to its universality. The story is not tied to any particular culture or time period, and its simple message of saying goodnight to the things around us is relatable to children and adults alike. The book has been translated into numerous languages and has been a favorite in countries around the world.

In summary, “Goodnight Moon” is a timeless classic in children’s literature that combines simplicity, engaging illustrations, and a focus on ritual and routine to create a soothing bedtime story. Its popularity and enduring appeal make it a must-read for children and parents alike.


Plot: 3.5/5
The plot of “Goodnight Moon” is very simple and straightforward, as the book essentially consists of a series of descriptions of objects in a room. While this may not be particularly engaging for older readers, it is well-suited to the target audience of young children.

Characters: N/A
Goodnight Moon” does not have any traditional characters, as the book is focused on describing objects in a room rather than telling a story.

Illustrations: 5/5
One of the greatest strengths of “Goodnight Moon” is its illustrations, which are simple but effective. Clement Hurd’s use of color and light create a peaceful and calming atmosphere that is perfect for a bedtime story.

Writing style: 4/5
Margaret Wise Brown’s writing style is simple and repetitive, with a calming and lullaby-like quality that is perfectly suited to a bedtime story. The use of repetition and descriptive language also helps to engage young readers and make the story more accessible.

Themes: 3/5
While “Goodnight Moon” does touch on themes of bedtime routines and the transition from day to night, it is primarily a simple and gentle story that is meant to soothe and comfort young children. While these themes are important, they may not be particularly deep or complex.

Audience: 5/5
“Goodnight Moon” is an excellent book for young children, particularly those who are just learning to talk or are developing their language skills. The simple language and repetitive structure make it easy for young readers to follow along and participate in the reading experience.

Re-readability: 4.5/5
“Goodnight Moon” is a highly re-readable book, thanks to its calming and soothing atmosphere. The repetitive structure and familiar descriptions of objects can also make it a comforting and reassuring bedtime story for young children.

Educational value: 3/5
While “Goodnight Moon” is not primarily an educational book, it does introduce young children to basic concepts such as colors, shapes, and numbers. It can also help to establish a bedtime routine and promote healthy sleep habits for young children.

Overall enjoyment: 4.5/5
“Goodnight Moon” is a beloved classic for a reason – it is a charming and comforting story that is sure to become a favorite for young readers. Its calming atmosphere and repetitive structure make it a perfect choice for a bedtime story.


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Overall, “Goodnight Moon” is a classic bedtime story that is beloved by generations of young readers. While its plot and themes may be simple, its illustrations and writing style are perfectly suited to its target audience. I would give “Goodnight Moon” a score of 4/5.


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