Book Review Policy


Analyzing Books is not taking any review requests at the present time because of high demand. Although, a few of our finest reviewers are currently taking review requests. 

We made this website mostly to write down our thoughts on every book we have read and to keep a record of the books we read. Also, to communicate with other readers, authors, publishers, etc. Recently we have been asked by many authors to read and write what we think about their books, we kindly accept to read and do an honest review in exchange for a book. Remember it’s our personal opinion and just because we liked or disliked a book, it doesn’t mean that the book is horrible or amazing; everyone has different point of views. We accept review copies from large publishers and authors (including self-published authors).

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We are mostly interested in reviewing books within the following genres:

  • Adult Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Action and Adventure
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical/Realistic Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Horror/Suspense
  • Folklore
  • How-to Books
  • Health Books

We are usually not interested in reviewing books within the following genres:

  • Humor
  • BDSM Books

If your book’s genre is on the above list, it does not mean we won’t read it. If we read the blurb and it interests us, we will gladly accept to read and review your book(s).

This is how it goes down:

  • There are times where Analyzing Books will not be taking book review requests due to the high demand, but some of our exceptional reviewers can.
  • If you contact us about your or your client’s book, we will answer back in 24 to 48 hours and tell you if we would like to review the book or not.
  • We prefer signed paperbacks.
  • Signed paperbacks and hardbacks get top priority.
  • We usually do not accept books that only come in a EPUB/PDF format due to the many punctuation and grammar errors that we see in those books. If the book is interesting, we might consider it.
  • We would gladly publish our review on Analyzing Books and any website (up to 5) if the author or publisher gives us a physical copy.
  • We would also promote all the books that we review on our twitter account.
  • It would take us four to six weeks to read and review the novel.  Sometimes it can be longer since we get a lot of book review requests.

This is not required but it would be appreciated if the author/publisher could send us two copies of the novel. One of the copies would be reviewed by a staff member of Analyzing Books. Meanwhile, the other copy would be given away to one of our readers, or donated to our local libraries. 

Rating System:

5 out of 5 – Genius/Astonishing/Outstanding

4 out of 5 – Amazing

3 out of 5 – Pleasant/Fine/Liked It

2 out of 5 – It was OK

1 out of 5 – Disliked it

If a book falls between two categories, we will add 0.5.

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If you want to contact us, please make sure your email includes:

  • Subject of the email
  • Format of the book
  • Genre
  • Blurb
  • Websites you want us to publish our review on besides Full of Books.

For the authors and publishers that want to contact Analyzing Books please click here.

To contact our best reviewers on Analyzing Books click here.

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