About Analyzing Books

Analyzing Books believes that extraordinary books accomplish more than simply tell great stories; they leave you mentally wealthier than when you began them. We search for these jewels from both established writers and first-time authors’ books that whisk you to new times and places, thrillers that are more than simply ‘page-turners’, and thought-provoking non-fiction that entertains as it informs.

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Analyzing Books is recognized for empowering individuals of any age to think critically about literature while providing them with the unique opportunity to publish their thoughts and opinions for a world-wide audience. We help readers to share their reactions, thoughts, and suppositions with relatives, friends, and people around the globe. Analyzing Books is recognized for giving readers fair-minded, critical recommendations they can trust.

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Analyzing Books has author services, a book review service for independent publishers, and services that help writers get discovered by consumers. Visitors can read weekly book reviews, compelling features, and in-depth author interviews, and subscribe to newsletters. Indeed, even take part in interactive polls and contests, read excerpts of the most sizzling new releases, and more every week!

We invite your responses, your energetic discords, and certainly your contributions to what we trust will be an ongoing process of critical examination of these books that give our lives so much significance.

We hope you will notice why Analyzing Books is the best place online to discuss your last great read and to find your next ideal book.

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