Don’t Stay Up Late

Don't Stay Up Late

Hands down R.L. Stine will always be my most loved author regardless of how old I get. I am a major horror/mystery fan so growing up with his books kept me at the edge of my seat. I was really amped up for seeing his more up to date book, Don’t Stay Up Late, at the library rack. I picked it up right away and read it as soon as possible. Don’t Stay Up Late was fresh out of the plastic new and in the event that you know me very well, you’ll know how much I cherish new books. It was a hardcover and I appreciated every little thing about Don’t Stay Up Late; from the look to what was composed inside of the pages.

Don’t Stay Up Late was a simple read and despite the fact that it is not my favorite type of story, I appreciated it. I can hardly wait for a greater amount of this work to be published in the coming years. Despite the fact that R.L. Stine is my favorite author, there were a few things of the book that were great and some terrible.

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1) It’s generally composed in the most immediate and appropriately dissimilar to different books I’ve perused.

2) It plays with your brain a bit.

3) It’s simple to peruse and each to traverse.


1) It’s exceptionally unsurprising.

2) It’s not a story that I usually read.

The plot behind Don’t Stay Up Late is a young lady, Lisa, 16 years of age gets into a car accident with her mother, father, and her dog Morty, and she loses her father in the process. In the wake of getting to the hospital, she endures a blackout, which causes her hallucinations and nightmares. She begins to see a creature/devil every time she goes to sleep. At that point, her therapist proposes for her to get an after school job to keep her psyche off of things. So she begins to keep an eye on an eight-year-old boy, Harry.

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He must be snoozing by 8 and no later, apparently because of his condition. While she looks after Harry, she sees the creature and something strange happens to her loved ones. She gets questioned by her therapist and police officers and confesses about the strange creature, yet nobody believes her about the creature.

You know how this story ends, yet notwithstanding I am still a child on the most fundamental level and R.L. Stan’s books will always be one of my most cherished memories.

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