Walk in the Flesh

Walk in the Flesh by Peter Bailey cover

The phased array radar that had been so conspicuously placed would not be able to get a lock on the attacker’s radar-absorbent composite materials, but the shorter range heat seekers had been placed by an expert. At exactly the point where the bombers would lose their stealth capability when they launched cruise missiles, fields of camouflaged S-300PMU missiles waiting for them. – Walk in the Flesh


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Walk in the Flesh was such a guy’s book. I was baffled by the amount of seriously unwanted information on weapons that was found in this book. I am still reeling from the effects. So this book is set in different locations throughout the world depending on the mission of the so-called robotic agent. I was reminded of several different Sci-fi movies and series that I enjoyed during my TV-loving days. So let’s see there was Chuck, the one where information is downloaded into the brain and an average guy becomes super smart all of a sudden and Avatar like recovery room and other shows. It was all put together into creating this humanoid cyborg. So how was the book to me, here is a simple rundown of the book.


There were three of them, each armed with Khaybar KH2002 assault rifle, and its data flowed up from the tumor mass. Thirty round magazine. A direct copy of the Chinese CQ assault rifle. 800-850 rounds per minute. Just one of these could turn the room into an abattoir.


I don’t know what to say about Neil, well he was described as a violent, psychotic and someone who has the love and yearns to kill most of the time. He has an honorable military background with all the medals and all, and add in the blind loyalty towards the country (no right and wrong here) without putting his love lust aside (kill and just kill), I mean that is the extra perk right, well I believe this are all the criteria for a good terrorist but he was an abusive man to his wife right from the start but also loved wife, I mean what a contradictory. Neil, in my opinion, was sometimes described as loving but he was so compulsive in killing people, it was like for me reading a dark twisty Sci-fi, he was also very super human, I mean I can’t get really digest it. He wasn’t even anti-hero he was at times, pure villain. It was really like reading a very testosterone-heavy book, there was a description of fights that left me reeling. As for the heroine, I think it would be Ariana, she was a fighter till the end though she lost a lot by the end of the book due to Neil’s psychotic tendencies. Ironically, I actually enjoyed the writer’s writing, though I hope the violence was less and maybe the numbers and models of weapons used be actually explained because half the time I didn’t what was the weapons were anyways.


The pain made him bend forward, perfectly positioned for the rising strike that took him in the throat. Across the table, the guard’s smile changed to alarm at a snail’s pace and he recoiled a little. This put his head at exactly the right angle, so Neil’s palm-strike to his nose sent splinters of bone directly into his brain. He was probably dead before he reached the floor.


Walk in the Flesh needed good editing and the story actually got really interesting by the end, did the story just begun? No idea, the first few chapters slowly build up the story towards Neil and his actions. There were other players involved since this was a futuristic military sci-fi book. The story was different with a combination of different sci-fi plots and characters put together. The writing style was good but the writing technicalities can be improved in terms of explanation and description, not everything needs to be explained by the model number or the speed and the impact radius etc. I can’t see this stuff and I also have no interest in researching about them in my opinion a good book actually researches that for me. I was disappointed as the story actually got really interesting by the end because Neil was acting more human now than ever in the book. I mean it was like he killed all the time someone who just kills and kills. Walk in the Flesh is hardcore sci-fi leaning towards guys who prefer army life, weapons, and brutal fights.

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