6th Horseman

The 6th Horseman

The 6th Horseman follows a story of six main characters as they each play a part in the end of the world. Each of them helped out someone named “Zilla” allow a virus to spread around New York City (and potentially the world), which kills off the population and turns them into zombies of sorts. These six characters get vaccinations in order for their deed, but soon realize the awful mistake they made. They did this for their own personal desires, and they ended up killing the entire world. The 6th Horseman, told in both images and text, is an action packed, gory, intense and confusing read.

I, however, wasn’t really much of a fan. I’ve never been a fan of zombie stories. There’s something that I don’t like about them. I thought I’d give this book a chance since it’s WAY out of my comfort zone or regular genre of reads. It wasn’t too bad, I just didn’t find myself enjoying it for a lot of reasons that pertain to my own personal opinion.

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For example, I know squat about politics, or even religion. Much of this book tied back to the roots of Christianity as well as American politics. So, much of the plot was often hard to follow as I understand little about both topics. Therefore, this book is probably more for adults older than me who understand this. At twenty years old, my focus is college right now and not politics and religion.

Issues unrelated to my own knowledge that I didn’t like much about this book were that there was a lot of unnecessary filler scenes. For example, there were way too many descriptions of irrelevant topics such as stupid comments from the characters that had nothing to do what was going on at that moment. There also were often flashbacks that felt out of place and didn’t add to the story at all except to try and give background to characters. The only problem was that I didn’t care; I didn’t need that background information.

Besides all of this negative stuff, the book wasn’t a complete trainwreck as I’m making it out to be. The end was probably the most exciting part when finally everything came together and the truth was revealed. I just wish this ending came a little sooner. There was a chunk of time in the book that could have been skipped over and brought right to the events of the end of the story. The 6th Horseman for sure was a very well thought out plot by the author, and I can’t say that it wasn’t creative. The way religion was tied into the events of the story was mostly what interested me, even if I didn’t particularly understand it. Once I got past about one hundred pages or so, I found myself more intrigued and curious as to why this was all going on and who “Zilla” was.

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If you like hardcore zombie books/stories with gore and swearing and an interesting story in the background, this book is for you. It reminds me a little of Resident Evil so if you enjoyed those movies and video games, you’ll like this too. It just wasn’t for me, who’s used to reading fantasy novels!

Overall, I give it a 3 stars rating. Partially because I personally could not understand things, and because a lot of the book was irrelevant to the storyline. I may continue with this series, but it’s not at the top of my list. The next book in the series is called “Killing Salvation”.

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